Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Sequence & the Guile of Imagination

Sometimes when working double-duty, imagination attempts to not only synthesize polarity in a story but also lay personal ghosts to rest. Somewhere inside the whirly-gig, the imaginative mind fastens onto raw memory from my own past & inserts this as plausible for a character. Even if this specific memory fits into part of an unfolding narrative, I reject it for being too personal yet marvel at the resourcefulness. The mind is attempting to both create & heal; to resolve & entertain.

If I become impatient, I tend to force the issue. In the heat of the battle, the field being the space I am attempting to fill with the next piece of exposition, I start to fling possibilities into the hopper. What if? Could this? Maybe? The more I crank the handle of this mysterious function of potentiality, the more content is generated. It can become a type of frenzy; I engorge the mind with possibility, believing like some empty glutton that more is always required.

It is the objective of this blog to educate the source of imagination.The questions sustains—which are methods best assist this process? Fresh input is essential. Is it more effective to read based on themes of current fascination, layering in new grist for the mill of word play? Or it better to research based upon what presently correlates to the arch of a character's development?

Perhaps it is wiser to begin somewhere near the beginning?

{Paintings by Carol Nelson}


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  2. Thank you so much, Carol for sharing such positive feedback. I truly appreciate your support.