Tuesday, August 07, 2012

The Method

When I finally decided to actualise a long-held desire, I wrestled with the idea of blogging about being a writer because it is composed, almost entirely, from experiential qualities. How could I ever understand what someone else’s quest to be a writer entailed if I was not attempting the same development myself? Would this subject be general enough to speak to a wide range of readers? Are people interested in de-constructing the mechanics of writing?

Additional research revealed that this was, in essence, the very spirit of blogging. There must be an aspect of experience in the writing, to lend it that sense of intimacy that the online readership prefers. It is what separates it from more heavy, pedantic exposition.

This subject of my own journey to be an effective writer, one who is interested in exploring the link to imagination suited me better than blogging about a private experience, like say sex or shopping for a dildo or enrolling on an online dating site. How could I separate the experience from immediately turning around and having to write about it? How could I be candid without descending into gross self-caricature?

I have written now for years, and though still yet unpublished, I have passed through various stages of development in this goal. This could be something worth constructing a blog around. Process could be deconstructed and this would hopefully stimulate discussion.

It has been setting up this blog as an operational system that I began to learn how different online experiences can mesh together. If it had not been for the generosity of those who had come before me, I would have been reduced to a blind system of trial and error. The Blogosphere is large and mysterious to the Uninitiated.

I had so many questions I scarcely knew where to begin. It was through carefully watching my Twitter stream ( https://twitter.com/violetflamed) and picking, then saving the most general links sent out by those wiser than myself, that I was able to begin a critical path to this quest. Not only do I wish to create a personal blog but also to self-publish my own writing. To call this ambitious would barely contain the many steps required in this endeavour. It is because of what has been so graciously distributed by others that this goal was even a slight possibility.

I have now begun to see the beauty in the online sharing of information and the generosity of spirit that compels these exchanges. It is a revolution of creative potential.

{Images by Paula Rosa}


  1. I don't think there's much of a sure-fire path to (successful) writing. It's mostly a discover-and-land process, different for each. Sounds as though you're doing yours right.

  2. Thanks for the encouragement, Bob. There is a great deal of advice out there and most of it is excellent. I feel very lucky to be attempting something with the support of such generous people. It makes the risk far less scary.