Saturday, February 23, 2013

The Dissolution of Assumption

If a curious writer decides to contain the workings of imagination to a particular time or theme the creative mind is preoccupied by, is this commitment all that is required to build a foundation which will long-serves as generator for creative function?

Better still: to further develop a manuscript towards texture & finesse, there is the option of reading by chance: accepting whichever book Great Sequence delivers & trusting this new material will blend into the mosaic already underway. Choices for enrichment are inviting but a broadly-applied creativity is needed to ingest new material into what has already been so carefully established.

Reading for knowledge is richly rewarding; to learn is power. One of my favourite experiences is to have an earlier assumption re-organized & expanded by the erudite words of someone who has studied a particular subject more deeply. It is a serious gratitude released for the wise writer who bores deeper than I might have once thought possible.

Gifted minds unfold insight & an eager imagination tags along—a swirling whirly-gig of feelings, impressions & gleaned facts wash over former belief. New scenes are created in the banks of knowledge; broader understanding supplants the half-baked. I happily discard the outdated for I have intimate trust, never questioning the writer’s hand who has revealed assumption. An ability to massage & knead earlier bias into fresh perspective is the transference of wisdom.

In the fertile plains of imagination, all that I am expands.

A little knowledge can go a long way but it might not be in a practical direction. How many times have I over-estimated my abilities because I was seduced by some excellence built in the safety of fantasy? Imagination knows where to fill in the gaps: it knows where to fudge the fussy details of actual accomplishment so that I feel as though I always can.

Like a parent allowing a child to assist in some task beyond a level of understanding or skill, my imagination wants me to build confidence by just getting the gist of a thing.

These good intentions allow for a belief in the unlimited power of potential.

{Photographs by Paul Apal'kin}

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