Thursday, September 13, 2012

The Hallucinations of Hermits: An Exploration of the Compensatory Nature of the Imagination

What is required when I spend so much time in my mind?

For the engaged writer, concentration creates a private experience. The focus which enables us to convert scenes played upon the screen of imagination requires a removal of distraction. This challenge means we spend time alone, in the planes of imaginary space. Is there a downside to this immersion? Do we begin to novelize our private lives, applying the secrets from our mind to what is occurring in the present sense? Is there a hangover of distemper when we remove ourselves from this dialogue? Or conversely, is there a state of euphoria in living so much from imagination?

 Ecstatic Experience = feelings of a new life, another world, satisfaction, joy, salvation, glory; of new and/or mystical knowledge, of loss of words, images, sense; of unity, heaven; of up-feelings; of contact; of loss of worldliness, desire, sorrow, sin; of enlargement and improvement; of loss of place, of light and/or fire feelings; of peace and calm; of liquidity; of ineffability; of release; of pain.
              Excerpt from “Ecstasy” by Margharita Laski

I hope those who experience this anxiety or ecstasy will feel free to share, not only their frustrations but also the remedies that have been applied in an attempt to overcome feelings of dissociation. In collecting unique experiences, we may discover commonalities.

{Artwork by Enzo Cucchi}

Tuesday, September 11, 2012

The Engaged Writing Code

Some days the writing is sexy & natural, others a futile chore. On the surface nothing accounts for the difference in ability. I behave the same way in each instance, the mechanics do not alter & my enthusiasm to create something fresh & original compels on both occasions. Still. There are separate modes of aptitude as a result of equal effort.

One principle aim of this blog remains an exploration into what causes differences in creative ability. Is there a secret to engaged writing? I remain curious to discover.

How is it that on one occasion I summon clear, effective language to record plainly what is transpiring on the screen of an inspired imagination yet on other occasions, the words grind to a halt & the visions dissolve?

It would appear being swept away in a flood of feelings, triggered through the conversion of different forms of expression is volatile. How the excitement & at times, the euphoria is experienced might be a mitigating factor?

Psycho-dynamically, feelings towards this discrepancy in performance ability is abject confusion. Was it something I ate? Is there something troubling me? What can be blocking all this best intention?

The lapse in ability can effect confidence. Can I actually write or am I deceiving myself with fragmented bursts of disjointed sequence? Are the times when I am able to get something onto paper a fluke? Why am I not able to summon this at will?

To discover methods & attitudes which enable consistent performance will be a professional breakthrough. Sustained performance represents maturity & a progression of technique. This remains the goal going forward.

{Artwork by Alberto Giacometti}