Saturday, November 03, 2012


Memories are not stored in alphabetical order. I discover this after an attempt to shift focus of the mind’s eye forward or backward from an enduring scene. I manage to recall a specific detail or perhaps an event & typically there is an expansion of emotion accompanying this recollection. When I ask: “What happens next?” the scene dissolves into the undulating folds of time.

Can I hypnotize myself into flowing through memories sequentially, so that I might roll along with the coherence of the story I am trying to recount? Should I even attempt this or should I just carefully explore what remains, as a jeweler might inspect what remains of a precious stone which has been randomly fragmented?

An Observation: Scenes illuminated by sparkling sunlight have a longer shelf life than the stored memories which happen under the cover of darkness.

As I grow away from childhood, the recollections from that time—the joy & surprise of youth & all that was so easily commemorated, those images wan into the background to permit the  emergence of memories which seem threaded together with what would best be described as nostalgia. The feelings evoked within this pattern fall outside of what might be considered everyday. My mind collects the instances where the senses were somehow enlarged; the past becomes a collection of mystical expansions.

Memories float by with only the barest details to identify them; time & place are randomly co-mingled. When I catch hold of a particular memory to pull it in for closer focus, the scenes are shortened, truncated.

What is the theme of these seemingly incongruous remembrances?

{Artwork by Daniel Trindade Scheer}

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