Saturday, April 27, 2013


By releasing latent contents from the creative imagination, can we expect to arrive at a more clear understanding of what we are capable of as separate individuals? Can this evolve into a path to revealing our authentic selves? Is there a germ of truth in the phasmagorical?

Within the recesses of a mind lurk dark lessons. All of us possess the residue of our own suffering and that of which we have empathized with. Pain and fear is absorbed and whether consciously or below the level of actual awareness, our imagination re-invents these potent feelings. What fear is not amplified by imagining the worst of any given situation? Is it possible to fall into dread or anxiety without the encouragement of an unchecked imagination?

Knowing just a little can make us fear a great deal more as our imagination spins hypothetical scenarios of shame, loss and cruelty. Is the remedy for this imaginary terror to be found in resolving dark fantasy in the same potential of the mind’s theatre or can we expect to overcome absorbed worries and pain by releasing them through the channel of writing?

Feelings, and feelings and feelings. Let me try thinking instead.
                            - C.S Lewis

 When the power of our imagination is running it’s dark scripts, can we expect to be prepared for the hardships which life occasionally sends us? Is the imaginary merely notional, at best?

Inside the incubation period which is required to bring forth our creative ideas, the expanse of imagination serves promise with an endless viewing of it’s fantastic contents. We catch glimpses of what could be and the conscious part of our writer’s mind records what they might of those moments, to store them for when we are sitting down to actually work. But in this place of witnessing, the expansions we experience are part of what compels; we are driven to share the beauty of what we have been shown.

{Paintings by William Blake}

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