Wednesday, October 17, 2012

In Earnestness

“We are “asleep,” compared with what we could be. We are dreaming. We are entranced. We are automatized. We are caught in illusions while thinking we perceive reality.” ~ Charles T. Tart

As a writer who wishes to work from a place of inspiration, what should I expect? Should I anticipate the ability to transcend the dualism which polarizes our world into black & white? I wish to surrender the self-pity I feel for sacrifices made.

I aspire to see beyond traditional sentimentalism, to see the world in a spirit of authentic curiosity. I have no desire to work from a place of imaginative laziness or sensational violence, yet I do not want to become self-righteous in this evolution.

Let me recognize the transmogrifying beauty in all art. Let this art have unlimited potential to heal the adversity we must seek for our unique remedy for what holds us in the isolation of entitled egoism.

I pray for balance & a respect for my own mortality & that in this allotted span of years, whose number is unknown, I remain free of waste & compulsion. I wish to love; I yearn for surrender.

Each new breath.

Let me not exploit that which is sacred.

Let me roam in gardens of a muse’s affability, receptive, compliant to sacred cause & eternally grateful.

"By reaching back & encompassing, we point forward to a new synthesis." - Mary Wakeman

{Images by Adrian Ghenie}

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