Saturday, August 25, 2012

The Ritual of Creation

As a new writer, it is my will to encourage conditions which shall coach the exceptional from imagination. I wish to learn to harness this function in order to maintain work habits which will sustain & nourish the act of creation. I wish for this to be a gradual, manageable process that can respectfully be controlled & keep abreast of.

Many approaches will lead a writer to motivate actual work. We might directly confront the idle part of our nature & wage a series of negotiations with whatever distraction presents itself to divert intention from sitting down to create.

One tactic I have found especially effective is a challenge: I set goals in writing & this inscription of future intent motivates all now pre-determined accomplishment. My ego has been activated & responds to this form of a challenge. Collective writing jamborees are also useful in this same regard; also vowing to record a specified number of words or pages per day. Simple methods to encorage regular, flowing writing.

A writer might humour themself with the promise of some prized reward or we can blindly employ a force of will to write. Or else. I do not wish to be overwhelmed with the dread of not believing myself capable of achieving established goals. Fear can be an effective motivator because it has so much potential for self-torture in the realm of an underutilized imagination. Are any of these methods more effective in assisting ambition to be productive?

When creative function is inter-working & I, as writer or recorder of this synthesis is able to keep up to the output, there is a beautiful expansion of emotion which accompanies this productivity. Feelings of love, hope & relief; of balance & satisfaction inter-play to create a joyful, meaningful experience.

Maybe the most important insight is the proven awareness of the cyclical nature of spontaneous creativity, I wish to avoid the inverse of these more heightened, positive states. Through the inception of a preferred state of this mysterious process, I remain abreast of feelings of doubt & the quality of writing, or feelings of shame at not digging deeper or embarrassment for having once believed my work to be of merit.

I further discover that gratitude expressed in clear language for what imagination reveals is the most appropriate response for this revelation. When I allow an expectant ego to swell-up & command all the respect for what is being accomplished, I am then the most susceptible to the darker, more permeating emotions. When I remain thankful, I continue resourceful & open.

Intuition works above the level of everyday consciousness & requires a passage of time to be fully  integrated into writing. It is this expanded awareness which leads to understanding the need for reflection. When I am expectant, my conscious mind translates what the imagination or occasionally, my sense of intuition experiences & I falter in frustration & disappointment.

Another aim of this blog is to discover methods on which I can create a sacred space from which to accomplish this act of creation. What rituals will assist in helping this process and sustain this gratitude experienced for being able to accomplish goals? How might I balance the demands of everyday life with this more rarefied process?

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  1. Meredith, the latest issue of Poets & Writers magazine has a number of articles and essays on this exact subject. Thought you might like to know.

  2. Thank you for sharing that, Bob. I will most definately take a look.