Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Writing as Vehicle For Self-Actualization?

Does the very act of writing bring about a greater awareness of who we are as individuals & what is expected from us to evolve into higher states of consciousness?

If desired, can writing serve as a gateway to understanding unique spiritual destiny?

A writer may create a body of work, to the fullest potential possible in the pocket of time arranged for the task but can we understand what has been created without the relationship of a reader? Can we comprehend the full impact of our efforts without a mirror to reflect the impressions our attempts at literature elicit? Can we truly evolve in a vacuum?

A unique challenge presents itself: writers work in the same solitude a reader does. We do not witness private reactions our work evokes & so must rely on a more limited range of outlets to understand the impact of our words. We may determine whether the writing is popular, based solely on the number of books sold. We may be privileged to the opinions of a handful of reviewers but the bulk of our effectiveness is kept separate from actual understanding. The act of creation serves as the vehicle for unique creative growth but are we missing essential information due to a limited scope of feedback?

“Each of us finds his unique vehicle for sharing with others his bit of wisdom.” - Ram Dass
The goal of establishing a creative centre is central to being an awakened writer. In this mental workshop, we need both clarity & lucidity. Is there a method to rely on which assists in establishing critical mental space, on a daily basis required to produce regular material? Does this impact an overall individual development, either by arresting certain aspects of growth or concentrating focus on only that which is usable fodder for a growing portfolio?

{Photographs by Dan Mountford}

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