Thursday, August 23, 2012


Which methods are best for coaxing property from imagination?

    The memory of this rapture is what keeps me working.

Writing has been the greatest influence of my adult life. It has shaped a viewpoint, determined ethical standards & perhaps most profoundly, engineered life strategies. This begins simply: in order to accommodate the demands made upon available writing time, a schedule is organized & a social circle is reduced to permit the greatest amount of hours unencumbered by external obligation. This time is critical for progress & it has taken many years to accept that more competing parties means less time to create a satisfactory portfolio.

The value of mystical domain becomes concrete when one begins to produce work. Before that time, experience within the inner world of imagination can be dissociative & lead to chronic alienation or in some cases, a form of depression.

It is through the act of writing that I am able to understand what is meant by the “spiritual.” In this manner, I refer to a sense of connectedness; a union with the mode of consciousness broader than everyday thinking.

Imagination is where we play out potentiality & resolution, safely & with license. When this connection is fluid, the experience of writing is exhilarating. Absorbed in this union of the force generated by a writer’s will, with the realm of the imaginary that so fascinates & compels, this is the creative process so often written about & canonized by those eager to impugn its fantastic, euphoric merits.

{Artwork by Keith Haring}

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