Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Like Revelation

“Whatever we know of the world, there is always more.” - David Bohm
The opportunity to observe, then share discovery along this path of creative transformation feels like Providence. To encounter a broader perspective; to encourage deeper insights feels like some aspect of potent discovery exploding under the powers of subtle activation. Something has been missing up until the point of that exchange & in this sharing of self-knowledge & process, a circle is extended & the power to write sustains.

The task of bringing into a sense of balance the currents of emotion & the coherence of reason is a perpetual process of adjustment. These polarizing forces will be ongoing, cyclical in nature for the inspired writing which dictates these conditions. Being prepared for this balancing act feels like fortified relief.

When I first begin to write, I am a child learning to swim; shoreline is the end of a sentence. I paddle furiously towards the hands of safety that will hold me fast while I rest, waiting for the next lead. Through sentence after sentence I swim this way, each new word brought forth with the effort of a single stroke. Sometimes this happens smoothly, other time more careful & plodding. If I remain conscious of distance, say to the close of a paragraph, the task of each single stroke becomes fraught with self-consciousness & an awareness of the action itself.

The words become isolated & absurd; their meaning obscured.

So I begin to trust; trust that each period will teach the arc & grace of a sentence. Trust & over time, this begins to foster a sense of faith—faith that isolated units will converge into a coherent body: the paragraph. Through active process, this new trust is the vehicle driving a faltering will. It is a key to understanding this exchange & in believing it's all possible.

“. . . that these countless modifications, instincts with majesty, sweetness and irresistible appeal.” - Pierre Teilhard de Chardin

{Artwork by Stev'nn Hall}

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