Wednesday, April 03, 2013

The Power of Re-Invention

Imagination can be fired like a blast furnace. It can burn-off resentment or churn biter materials for a lingering grudge. Imagination settles injustice & privately plays the scenes where we all come out victorious. It manufactures a world where we are not required to adapt or mollify.

My imagination tries hard to teach moral lessons. I frequently rewind uncomfortable scenes, moments where I acted-out, only to later savour these displays of courage & audacity. Sometimes, I learn from hypothetical coaching; sometimes I take things too far as a result of ardent projection.

Sometimes imagination goes quiet. I search for an image & there is nothing, not even the snow which once indicated a scrambled television station. The inner mind is just inky blackness. I try to fire the screen by conscious projection, perhaps something sexual in the hope that this fantasy will re-ignite the interior regions. Imagination flickers but dissolves back into silence.

I feel flat without this refraction. I shall coax a closed mind back into action.

A few deep breaths & the setting is the maze of imagination. I wander it's tunnels under a light spell, permitting the screen to direct flow & sequence. Time suspends & is on the verge of spinning backward yet I am not in the vortex of memory. As I follow the stream of images, I anticipate a current of new awakening, expectant in needing to be re-adjusted.

I revel in the potentiality of a dawning vision; I ask for transformation.

{Paintings by Katrien De Blauwer }

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