Thursday, March 21, 2013


What happens in those rare instances when speculation is surpassed by events in everyday life? In the interior world, much is exaggerated for the purpose of equanimity. When reality exceeds those crafty expectation, there arises excitement—a thrill which strikes like Providence—magic has happened in the real world.

Have I been successful in educating imagination? Has conscious awareness trained the inner screen to anticipate only the plausible? Is this a factor of cache, of practical experience which defines the walls of maturity? Through initial frustration & disappointment, imaginative expectation can be taught to extrapolate only the feasible.

Put all of your eggs in one basket — & watch that basket

When unburdening disappointment, we vow never again. Does the unconscious mind eventually take  hard-knock lessons into account, no matter how long it took to forge the connection? Is it a particular style of self-defense, this corralling of expectation in hope against disappointment? We all know compromise can go too far. We might find ourselves expecting less than capable of. Perhaps an argument could be made defending the lack of initial confidence. This period of uncertainty is a mandatory component before activating latent potential.

So the bar is raised; a field of vision adjusts to somewhere further along the golden horizon.When we surprise ourselves, we learn of greater ability. Sustained through future trials, experience promises growth if manifested through the lens of practical wisdom.

{Photographs by Vassilis Tangoulis}


  1. Right on Meredith: "lack of confidence is an initial component to the full actualization of latent potential."
    The realization that we don't know is the second step on the path to wisdom, the first being 'maybe' I don't know...doubt.
    When we 'know', what is left to imagine? When we know less, doors to new perceptions begin to open. When we know nothing, all the doors fly open and we enter the world as children flying the flag of 'beginner's mind'...well on the way to true wisdom.

  2. Great response, Allen. Sustaining that freshness of perspective is critical in letting the imagination have an opportunity to not only develop, but grow in proportion to the intellect and intuitive functions, as well. I agree with you - this is a doorway to wisdom.