Friday, October 05, 2012

The Well of Creative Energy

One challenge of routine, engaged writing is ensuring a well of creative energy is available to regularly draw from. Without this fluid vehicle for our minds to swim through, understanding & realizing creative goals is impossible.  I am sure we have all experienced the sickening feeling of when there is work to be done, deadlines loom yet when we sit down to go about the task at hand, there is no ability present to begin.

What activities stimulate the mind & help re-energize creative energy? How does one keep inspiration alive & capable of motivating the drive to accomplish our goals?

“That strange benediction comes when it will, but with each visitation, deep within, there is a transformation; it is never the same.” - Jiddu Krishnamurti

Freud called dreams, 'a royal road into the unconscious.' He was referring to their importance in the process known as psychotherapy but could interpretation of dreams also be beneficial for enhancing the conscious power of imagination? Is there enhanced ability in de-coding the symbols of dreams?

{Images by Caras Ionut}

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