Tuesday, July 24, 2012

The Paradox Effect

Defined: That point in experience where two opposing forces, working in direct opposition, release inherent pressure through a  form of combustion.
This combustion can be material, physical, psychological, cultural, social or spiritual.

It is the evolution of irony, in light of a system of information being willfully subverted from its intended purpose; from a knowledge wary to an internalized denial.

A price of compliance.

Is this is some way the extension of a double standard? The progression of compromise? The giants war in the garden; the battling principles of the Freudian super ego & id - the pleasure principle opposes all sensible authority.

What is the watermark for this in terms of our cultural society? Is this something we can calibrate or measure? Is this something that can be harnessed, like geo-thermal energy and then re-directed for benefit or knowledge? Is it something that can be prevented so that we might avoid these terrible explosions in our midst?

All of that contradictory force jettisons from the edge of a delirious whirlwind.

{Artwork by Toshiko Okanoue}

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