Thursday, July 19, 2012

The Inaugural Post

Please imagine a tiny green bottle of a classic vintage champagne, corked in the early part of 1923.

Then, if you will, imagine a small clipper ship, moored and prepared for a vast journey. Its masts rise, jutting into a clear, deep blue sky and the magnificently crafted sails hang ready for the winds that will compel this vessel upon the wide seas. The boat has been named The Educated Imagination and the beautiful maidenhead, carved lovingly, awaits her turn at adventure. The boat is heading out on its maiden voyage and a small, enthusiastic crowd has gathered on the pier to witness the departure. The weather is fair and warm.

Now imagine that the bottle of champagne is swinging on a chain, rising in a wide arch to its apex and then descending back down along the same trajectory to smash upon the bow of this handsome craft.


Welcome to the first post of what I have anticipated now for some time: A weekly blog to explore and expand an understanding of the human imagination and how it can be better utilized in service to the craft of writing.

I am a writer, on the verge of publishing a series of novels and aside from the anticipation of this landmark event, am eager to discuss and hear from those who are also interested in a fuller, deeper understanding of how the imagination functions and also how it relates directly, and indirectly, to the other parts of the creative mind.

With the course revealed, all that is left is for us to do is set sail. Let us explore this vast territory bravely and learn together.


  1. Wow! The ocean is what I'm all about! Into the dark unknown! New worlds! I like it! Very inspiring indeed.