Saturday, June 01, 2013


To so accidentally touch upon this notion of wisdom, these streams of perfection rendered into the written word is a humbling transformation. The mind has spun; I practically weep once surrounded by the silence of true expression.

Is it possible to memorize signs for the advent of this state of engaged awareness & activated imagination? Is this once time suspends & all that can be seen are images needing to be translated by some magic into words? Is it when language flows like water through a rushing creek bed? When description & exposition & the steady drive of a coherent narrative begin to spell-out  broader intentions? Or is when I struggle for an ideal phrase, searching the vaults of vocabulary for the perfect word to articulate an event or concept?

When under this spell of love & the expansion which accompanies elevated creative states, all resistance & fear spread, I am finally free to see.

This love suspends me in a cocoon of potentiality; it is the vehicle for all future endeavour.

{Images by Willem de Kooning}

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