Tuesday, September 11, 2012

The Engaged Writing Code

Some days the writing is sexy & natural, others a futile chore. On the surface nothing accounts for the difference in ability. I behave the same way in each instance, the mechanics do not alter & my enthusiasm to create something fresh & original compels on both occasions. Still. There are separate modes of aptitude as a result of equal effort.

One principle aim of this blog remains an exploration into what causes differences in creative ability. Is there a secret to engaged writing? I remain curious to discover.

How is it that on one occasion I summon clear, effective language to record plainly what is transpiring on the screen of an inspired imagination yet on other occasions, the words grind to a halt & the visions dissolve?

It would appear being swept away in a flood of feelings, triggered through the conversion of different forms of expression is volatile. How the excitement & at times, the euphoria is experienced might be a mitigating factor?

Psycho-dynamically, feelings towards this discrepancy in performance ability is abject confusion. Was it something I ate? Is there something troubling me? What can be blocking all this best intention?

The lapse in ability can effect confidence. Can I actually write or am I deceiving myself with fragmented bursts of disjointed sequence? Are the times when I am able to get something onto paper a fluke? Why am I not able to summon this at will?

To discover methods & attitudes which enable consistent performance will be a professional breakthrough. Sustained performance represents maturity & a progression of technique. This remains the goal going forward.

{Artwork by Alberto Giacometti}

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